Our highly experienced team of design engineers and production specialists can custom design any solution and to any specification to meet your needs.  We employ over 100 experienced people in our main facility in Cayce (Columbia), South Carolina, and any one would be glad to assist you.  Key customer contacts are:


Main phone – 803.794.3360
Toll free – 800.334.7326

Management Team

Bob Platt, President – 803.454.2585
Robin Thompson, Office Manager- 803.454.2577
Dan Krebs, PE, Manager of Engineering – 803.454.2595
Kevin Stuart PE, VP of New Business Development – 803.454.2582
Reggie Parker, Operations Manager – 803.454.2578
Willie Smith, Quality Manager – 803.454.2588


Customer Support Team

Andy Butcher, Director of Sales and Marketing – 803.454.2574
Fondon Wooten, Commercial Sales Engineer – 803.454.2547
William Langley, Commercial Sales Engineer – 803.454.2591
Curt Davis, Industrial Sales Engineer – 803.454.2579
Maggie Steel, Industrial Sales Engineer – 803.454.2584



Core Products

Commercial Water Heating Systems

High capacity commercial water heating system from RECO USA Heaters
High capacity storage & instantaneous water heating systems for steam, hot water or electric energy sources. Thermomaster & unfired steam generator systems.

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Commercial Water Tanks

Custom engineered hot water storage tanks from RECO USA Heaters
Custom engineered hot water storage tanks and various sizes of in-stock hot & chilled water buffer tanks. We can custom build any size tank in vertical or horizontal orientations.

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Industrial ASME Pressure Vessels

Industrial ASME pressure vessels available from RECO USA Heaters
Blowdown & Pressure Filter tanks, Accumulators, Air Receivers, Flash Tanks & Process Vessels. Available in Carbon Steel, Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steels, Nickel & Copper Alloys.

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Industrial Process Tanks

Industrial process tanks available from RECO USA Heaters
A variety of types and sizes. API 620 & 650 Design Codes. Flat or sloped bottoms, Cone roofs, platforms, ladders, handrails, hoppers, skid mounting, piping & other accessories.

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