Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

RECO USA builds heat exchangers that heat up liquids through surface contact with large metallic bundles of tubes carrying either hot steam or another liquid, which allows water and other liquids to be heated in particularly large volumes.

Our Standard Heat Exchangers and Replacement HX Bundles:

  • Single and double wall U” tube design

– ½” and ¾” SS single wall tubes
– ½” Cu and Cu-Ni single wall tubes
– ¾” Cu and Cu-Ni double wall tubes

  • 4” to 24” diameter bundles.
  • Bronze, carbon steel, and SS tube sheets
  • Two and four as standard with optional six pass available
  • 2 – 3 weeks delivery for standard units
  • Straight tube designs also available

RECO-USA-Tube-BundlesTube Bundles

Tube Bundles provide a compact way to exchange heat or cool through a nest of tubes. The heating source goes through the tube and heat is transferred as the two areas make contact. We manufacture tube bundles that provide Steam to Liquid heat exchange as well as Liquid to Liquid versions.

Download Our Double Wall Tube Bundle Replacement Coil Brochure

Tube Bundle Materials

Our tube bundles can be made with a wide variety of materials, including steel, copper, brass, and other custom metal options depending on the needs of the application and temperatures the tube bundle will need to be able to handle.

Tube Bundle Replacements

We manufacture a complete line of replacement U-Tube bundle heat exchangers that can be used as replacements in an existing piece of equipment. Over time, U-Tube bundles deteriorate due to corrosion, pressure, and high temperatures and have to be replaced. If your piece of equipment still has life left but has a failed tube bundle, it’s usually worthwhile to replace the tube bundles and extend the life of your equipment.

Download a Tube Bundle replacement spec order form.

Order a Heat Exchanger Today

Contact RECO directly to learn more about our heat exchangers and tube bundles, as well as our ability to custom design a heat exchanger that will meet your unique needs or potentially help save an aging piece of equipment.

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