Thermodyne HX

Thermodyne HX

The powerful but compact Therymodyne HX Water Heater

When you think of steam & boiler water heaters, you probably think of a large piece of equipment that requires a lot of space – especially for high-demand applications.

The Thermodyne HX series of custom engineered Indirect Fired semi-instantaneous hot water heaters are the first choice where high recovery capacity is required and space is limited. Excellent for continuous high demand and high peak hot water loads experienced in hospitals and university dormitories. The units are customer engineered using steam, boiler water or HTHW as the heating medium. The vertical configuration requires less than four feet of floor space and horizontal configurations with rack-mounted stands are also available. We’ll create the perfect fit for any mechanical room.

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The Advantages of Semi-Instantaneous  Operation

Provides high output by channeling the incoming cold water directly over the tubes of the heat exchanger in a controlled manner maximizing the heat transfer rates when compared to conventional convection systems. Water is heated to the desired outlet temperature when it exits the Thermodyne HX outlet. Velocity and pressure drops are controlled increasing heat transfer and inhibiting scale formation. By locating the temperature sensing probe in the outlet flow of water exiting the system, quick temperature response is achieved.

Size and Capacity Versatility for Numerous Applications


  • Hospitals, apartment buildings, military barracks and hotels
  • Facilities with a central energy source
  • Great for smaller satellite equipment rooms
  • Piped in parallel or series to provide additional capacity or emergency backup


  • College & University dormitories, schools, correctional facilities
  • Great for high demand loads at varying intervals and strong sudden demands
  • Can be combined with storage tanks to ease the energy source requirements during minimal use periods


  • High demand process applications that require a continuous flow of water
  • Equipment wash down and cafeteria applications

Tank Specifications:

  • Compact Vertical Design
  • (horizontal design available)
  • Copper alloy and stainless steel construction available
  • Ready for service connections
  • Forced internal circulation
  • Built to code requirements
  • Designed to heat water using either steam or boiler water as a heating medium
  • Factory packaged

Typical Applications

Hospitals, industrial plants, prisons, universities and all facilities requiring high hot water demands with limited space.

Thermodyne HX Model Nomenclature Guide






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Thermodyne HX is a compact water heater with high recovery capacity
Thermodyne HX is a commercial water heater
Horizontal view of the Thermodyne HX compact water heater
Detail Specifications / Application
Complete packaged system, components engineered to specific application requirements. Hook up water & utility connections in the field

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