Hot Water Storage Tanks

Hot Water Storage Tanks

All our commercial hot water storage tanks can be custom engineered to meet your specifications. We build large water tanks for commercial and industrial facilities and have a supply of standard size tanks on hand to meet your immediate needs.

Hydropneumatic Tanks

Our hydropneumatic storage tanks are available in a wide range of standard designs, or they can be custom designed to suit your requirements.

Pressure Filter Vessels

Our vessels for filtration water systems are ASME designed and ASME code stamped. We can also provide lined tanks when needed that meet NSF 61 requirements when required. So whether you need carbon steel or stainless steel, vertical or horizontal, single or multiple cell pressure filter vessels, RECO USA can deliver.

Tube Bundles

Our heat exchanger tube bundles offer a compact solution for heating or cooling. We offer both steam to liquid and liquid to liquid tube bundles.

Worried about replacing an old tank that isn’t made anymore? If we don’t have the water storage tank you need on hand, we can custom design just about any size and design water tank that you need.

Types of tanks include:

  • Stock Tanks – Various Sizes
  • Storage Tanks for Hot or Cold Water

Vertical Storage Tank | Horizontal Storage Tank | Standard Size Product Catalog

  • Hot Water Generator

Vertical Storage Heater | Horizontal Storage Heater | Standard Size Product Catalog

  • Air Receivers

Vertical Air Receiver

  • Hydropneumatic Storage
  • Blowdown Tanks
  • Fire Protection Tanks

Horizontal Fire Protection Tank 

Industries that Typically Use Our Hot Water Storage Tanks

Here are a few of the many industries and business types that tend to use our large commercial water tanks:

  • Large Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Facilities & Factories
  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities
  • Schools & Dormitories
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Military Bases & Naval Ships
  • Government Facilities
  • And Many Others!

If your facility, business, or factory needs to be able to store large quantities of hot water, we can design, build, and ship you a system that meets your needs and budget. While we have a wide variety of hot water storage tanks that are ready to go, we also custom design tanks ranging from very simple designs to complex tanks that use specialty metals.

Learn More About Our Commercial Water Storage Tanks

Contact RECO directly to learn more about our water storage tanks and custom design capabilities or find a sales rep in your area. You can also use our Spec-Master system to help identify the products that will best serve your needs.

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“A plumbing colleague of ours was raving about getting GROOVED connections on his tank. He said it allowed him to pipe the tanks in a tighter location and saved him the cost of a companion flange to grooved fitting. He couldn’t get grooved fittings on his tanks from anyone else.”
~ Mark Kaulas, Sales Engineer, Bornquist Inc.  –  Plumbing Division
Detail Specifications / Application
Stock Tanks: ASME Certified With 150 PSIG Rating, Vertical Configuration, Exterior Prime Finish, 3 Sizes Available. Storage Tanks: ASME B&PV Code Stamped for 100, 125, or 150 PSIG Vertical or Horizontal Orientations Connections are provided for: Inlet, Outlet, Drain, Recirculation, Relief Valve, Thermometer and Thermostat.  Supports: Angle Legs for Vertical Tanks; Saddle Supports for Horizontal Tanks |

Core Products

Commercial Water Heating Systems

High capacity storage & instantaneous water heating systems for steam, hot water or electric energy sources. Thermomaster & unfired steam generator systems.

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Commercial Water Tanks

Custom engineered hot water storage tanks and various sizes of in-stock hot & chilled water buffer tanks. We can custom build any size tank in vertical or horizontal orientations.

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Industrial ASME Pressure Vessels

Blowdown & Pressure Filter tanks, Accumulators, Air Receivers, Flash Tanks & Process Vessels. Available in Carbon Steel, Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steels, Nickel & Copper Alloys.

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Industrial Process Tanks

A variety of types and sizes. API 620 & 650 Design Codes. Flat or sloped bottoms, Cone roofs, platforms, ladders, handrails, hoppers, skid mounting, piping & other accessories.

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