Commercial Products

Commercial Products

Whether your energy source is steam, hot water, or electricity, we have the right customizable commercial water heating and storage products for your specific needs. We also manufacture pressure vessels, storage tanks, stacks, and circulating water piping systems.

RECO USA combines innovative technology with solid craftsmanship. We are also known for our ability to engineer very complex systems to meet the needs for a wide range of applications. Contact a sales rep to learn more about our products or scroll through the list below.


ThermoDyne HX

The ThermoDyne HX is a high capacity instantaneous water heating system that occupies very little floor space. It’s commonly used in hospitals, industrial plants, prisons, universities and other facilities requiring high hot water demands with limited space.

Steam Generators

Unfired steam generators use available plant steam or boiler water as the energy source to produce “clean” steam for humidification and sterilization needs. They’re often used by hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, electronics, food processing and facilities using steam that requires high temperature boiler water.

Plate Exchanger-Thermo-PlatePac

The Thermo-PlatePac is an indirect fired storage water heater. It includes a factory assembled tank and plate heat exchanger with operating controls. It’s used for hospitals, industrial plants, correctional facilities, universities and all facilities requiring large volumes of hot water.

Plate Exchanger-BPHX Water Heater

Using hot water for it’s heat source, the BPHX utilizes a plate heat exchanger (PHX) for a very compact and effective domestic hot water heating solution.


Indirect-fired Steam & Boiler Water Heaters provide high recovery, tight temperature control and dependability. Forced circulation provides controlled, accurate hot water for high peak loads

Hot Water Storage Tanks

Our storage tanks are available in a wide range of standard designs, or they can be custom designed to suit your specific requirements. Standard features often include ASME B&PV code stamped from 100-150 PSIG, vertical or horizontal orientations, many connection and support options and inspection openings.

Water Systems Products

When you need a water storage tank or pressure vessels for your filtration system that will meet tough demands day after day, turn to RECO USA. We combine innovative technology with solid craftsmanship. We are also known for our ability to engineer very complex systems.

Hydropneumatic Tanks

Our water storage tanks are available in a wide range of standard designs, or they can be custom designed to suit your requirements.

Pressure Filters

Our Pressure Filter tanks for filtration water systems have quality A.S.M.E design and construction, and are A.S.M.E stamped. We provide mechanical designs for specifications supplied by the filter industry and fabricate the vessels with our state of the art equipment. Most pressure filter vessels have linings applied in our plant and they meet NSF 61 requirements when specified. Whether you need carbon steel or stainless steel, vertical or horizontal, single or multiple cell pressure filter vessels, RECO USA can deliver.

Tube Bundles

Our tube bundles offer a compact solution for heating or cooling. We offer both steam to liquid and liquid to liquid tube bundles.

More Commercial Products from RECO USA

Didn’t see the exact product you were looking for? Try reaching out to us directly with your specific requirements and we can probably offer a customized solution to meet your needs.

For more information, contact one of our sales reps, ask us online or call us at 803-794-3360. |

Core Products

Commercial Water Heating Systems

High capacity storage & instantaneous water heating systems for steam, hot water or electric energy sources. Thermodyne, Thermomaster & Unfired Steam Generator systems..

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Commercial Water Tanks

Custom engineered hot water storage tanks and various sizes of in-stock hot & chilled water buffer tanks. We can custom build any size tank in vertical or horizontal orientations.

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Industrial ASME Pressure Vessels

Blowdown & Pressure Filter tanks, Accumulators, Air Receivers, Flash Tanks & Process Vessels. Available in Carbon Steel, Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steels, Nickel & Copper Alloys.

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Industrial Process Tanks

A variety of types and sizes. API 620 & 650 Design Codes. Flat or sloped bottoms, Cone roofs, platforms, ladders, handrails, hoppers, skid mounting, piping & other accessories.

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