Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

Standard or Custom Designs Available

Stocked Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

Chilled Water Tanks provide additional water volume to the system and improve chiller performance. If the system volume is to small relative to the chiller load, excessive compressor cycling, poor temperature control and erratic operation can result.

Standard Features

ASME Stamped for 125 PSIG @400F
Drain and Air Vent Connections
Angle Legs and Internal Baffle
¾” Thick Black Elastomer Insulation
Inlet & Outlet: 1” to 2” NPT; 2-1/2” and over 150 # Flanged
Available Options

Grooved Pipe Connections
Horizontal Orientation
Metal Jacketing over Insulation
Ring Base or other Support Designs

Core Products

Commercial Water Heating Systems

High capacity commercial water heating system from RECO USA Heaters
High capacity storage & instantaneous water heating systems for steam, hot water or electric energy sources. Thermomaster & unfired steam generator systems.

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Commercial Water Tanks

Custom engineered hot water storage tanks from RECO USA Heaters
Custom engineered hot water storage tanks and various sizes of in-stock hot & chilled water buffer tanks. We can custom build any size tank in vertical or horizontal orientations.

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Industrial ASME Pressure Vessels

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Industrial Process Tanks

Industrial process tanks available from RECO USA Heaters
A variety of types and sizes. API 620 & 650 Design Codes. Flat or sloped bottoms, Cone roofs, platforms, ladders, handrails, hoppers, skid mounting, piping & other accessories.

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